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#CASfamily - Our September Update

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Put simply, September was the best! Of course the highlight was watching our talented dancers and actors on stage performing in our production of Peter Pan. I'm just so proud of every student who worked hard during rehearsals, embraced the challenges of their characters and got up on stage to perform for a packed audience. At CAS, this is what we aim to do - nurture and encourage a new generation of storytellers and performers who are confident and courageous.

Not to be outshined by "the big kids", we also had our Creative Kids mini concerts at the end of the term. Aside from being the cutest thing ever, these concerts give our preschoolers a performance experience in a stress-free environment. On the Monday and Wednesday of the final week, our CKs performed parts of the Peter Pan story to an audience of family and friends, and had special guests from junior jazz and junior ballet who came and showed them some of their dances from the show. I love watching these youngsters discover the world of dance and performing, their big smiles show me they love it too. From our minis to our adults, we had another celebration at the end of September - our CAS Open Combo class turned four! Our Combo class is a monthly adults dance class for all levels of ability. On Monday 23rd September we celebrated our birthday a little early by bringing back some of our favourite exercises and combos from over the years... and of course with a little cake at the end! We had people who have been at Open Combo since the beginning and new faces trying it for the first time, former dancers and absolute beginners, senior students and CAS parents - all dancing together, laughing and encouraging each other. We’ve got two more combos for the year - October 28 and November 18 - we’d love to see you and your friends there. In other news, as you may know I am also a paediatric physiotherapist and years ago I developed a comprehensive pointe screen program which has been guiding our dancers at CAS to safely transition to dancing enpointe for years. Sometimes I travel to other schools to assess their students or to identify where to improve their training. Recently I shared my tips and knowledge with a local practice to help their physios better assess their patients. At CAS, we value safe dance practices and it's great to be able to share our expertise with others. As we use our holidays to recharge (and run our school holidays workshops, more about those in our next newsletter!) we're preparing for an exciting term four. As you'd know, at CAS we start fresh in term four with all new content and skills to learn. This makes it a great time for friends to try a class, or for current CAS students to try something new. Term four is also busy - we've got our final community performance for the year at Granny Smith Festival, Open Weeks, ballet exams, our end of term recital and much more. It never slows down at CAS, and I love it! Thanks again for all your support, feedback and ideas. Our CAS family of parents, friends, teachers and students is what makes CAS special. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Have a wonderful long weekend and I'll see you at the studio soon,



  • Term Four begins: Monday 14th October

  • Granny Smith Festival: Saturday 19th October

  • CAS Open Weeks: 21st October - 3 November

  • Acro parent watching week: 4th November - 8th November

  • Acro grading: 11th November - 22nd November

  • Ballet exams: Saturday 16th November

  • Term Four Recital: Friday 29th November


We've been talking a lot recently about our adults classes so we thought we'd take some time to fill you in on the details. Who is it for? In short, everyone. We've all been to a fitness class or open dance class before that claims it's for beginners but is full of super fit people or people who seem like they used to be former ballerinas... we don't ever want you to feel intimidated or unwelcome. But we also want people who have experience in the fitness or dance style to feel challenged. That's what makes our classes different - we've worked hard for years to develop class plans that can be tailored to all levels of experience, and we mean all levels. All our classes are designed to push you and support you, whatever level you're at. Sounds good, what's on offer?

  • Zumba Mondays 6.30-7.30pm - a fun, energetic, dance based fitness class

  • Pilates Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm or 7.30-8.30pm - a small group class with a mix of mat work, swiss ball, theraband, light weights and more to strengthen and tone.

  • Ballet/Contemporary Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm - an open class covering a mix of ballet and contemporary dance

  • CAS Open Combo Monthly on Mondays 7:30-8:30pm - a monthly open class that focuses on teaching choreography from different styles, plus pilates and fitness warm up

I can't commit to coming every week: That's ok, life is busy! All of these classes run weekly during school terms and able to be attended on a casual basis. Simply buy a 10 class pass that you stamp when you attend - easy! Ok, what's next? Why not give a class a go next term (better still, drag a friend or relative along with you)? Just email and we'll organise a free trial for you!


This year our show was better than ever! But don't just listen to us, here's what some of our audience had to say: "Wonderful job Claire and team! Can’t believe how CAS has grown since [my daughter] first started. The love and care you shower on the kids is wonderful and such a positive environment for them. So thank you for yet another bigger and better production, my girls love being a part of CAS!" "Just wanted to thank you and your team of dedicated staff for the wonderful performance today. I think your best yet! I know this just doesn't happen without a lot of work and sacrifice - thanks!" "Well done on another fabulous performance. You truly are amazing!!" "Well done on the concert on the weekend! You did an amazing job again. Best ever!!" "Once again, thank you for another amazing performance! The show was brilliant and your (& all teachers and helpers) patience and creativity shone through once again! You all bring the best out of our children and that is so obvious on stage. The smiles on their faces is immeasurable and I was indeed crying by the end!" "Congratulations on an amazing production! We were blown away by the level of talent by all the kids. They were fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work and for giving [our son] the opportunity to do what he loves best. We are super proud of him. Thanks again."



Shout out to our CAS boys teacher Harrison who recently competed at the National Clubs Gymnastics Carnival: FreeG Freestyle Competition and placed tied 4th. When Harrison isn't leading our boys at CAS, he also trains and coaches in gymastics and parkour. We've seen some of his moves in the studio - he's seriously impressive!


Last Friday we took some of our senior ballet students to see Premier State Ballet’s beautiful production of Sleeping Beauty. For many of them, it was their first time seeing a professional ballet production and it was so wonderful for them to see classical ballet storytelling and performance. We also loved getting so spend some time together with them. We're pretty sure every single one of them left the performance inspired 💫 .

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