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Creative Arts Studio has been directed by Claire Toose since 2000 and in that time has grown from just 8 students to well over 150.


Creative Arts Studio seeks to be more than just a suburban dance school, instead striving to provide students of all ages a place to explore the creative arts, build self confidence and participate in semi-professional productions


Promoting excellence

We aim to teach excellent technique within an environment that affirms each individual student and is free from unreasonable pressure. We seek to produce well trained performers who have a love and passion for what they do and strive to make classes as creative and exciting as possible.


​Maintaining integrity

We aim to maintain the integrity and modesty of all students in class and performance and therefore we ensure that all movements, costumes, music, scripts etc are age appropriate and free from sexualconnotation.


Respecting individuality and equity

We aim to foster individual creativity and confidence, and encourage all students in their creative arts pursuits without bias or favouritism.


​Experiencing performance

We aim to provide performance experience for all students, without pressure or expectation of unreasonable perfection.​


Promoting confidence

We aim to provide a comfortable, relaxed, yet professional environment where students of all ages and levels of experience can confidently participate in classes and performances, knowing that they will be taught effectively, encouraged and affirmed.

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