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Training and mentoring has always been part of the CAS ethos. We are proud of how we have successfully trained up dance and drama teachers from within our student body for many many years. Miss Rach, Miss Charlotte, Miss Jocelyn, Miss Tess and Miss Hayley were all students of CAS as young children and teens. They then progressed to assistant teaching, eventually becoming accredited teachers and key members of the CAS family. 

We are now excited to expand that process by formalizing the teacher training program that we use and growing it to include both theory and practical elements.

Creative Arts Studio has become one of the first Affiliate Members of DanceStep (Dance Studio Teacher Education Program) in 2017-2018.

DanceStep is a 4-level program, which provides a progressive and formalised process including both practical and theoretical components.

It aims to empower students to take care of others and guides them to be leaders and role models. The program covers assistant teaching skills such as behaviour management, different learning needs and styles, safe dance principles and anatomy to name just a few.  

DanceStep is open to anyone 10 years or over and costs $50 per level which covers theory manuals, registration, equipment, Assistant Teacher top and the training time. Being involved in the program involves assistant teaching one class at CAS per week (dance or drama) plus two theory sessions per term taught by Claire.

One of the reasons we're most excited about offering DanceStep is that it isn't a program designed just for people who want to be dance or drama teachers. It aims to help grow confidence, teach leadership skills and provide an opportunity to give back to CAS. You don't have to be the loudest voice in the room, you just need an interest in learning and helping others. All students should think about joining the program.

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