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#CASfamily - Our April Newsletter


I'm so proud of what we've achieved so far this year at CAS. Term one was busy - new faces, new classes launched, our DanceStep student teachers started, preparation for external exams, sold out holiday workshops and more. As we kick off term two, our focus is on our production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Keep an eye out on social media and emails, there is a lot coming up - design, casting, scripts, choreography and more. Can't wait!


  • Term two kicks off today 30th April!

  • Drama Exams - 15th May

  • Choreography Competition - 2:30pm 23rd June

  • Ballet Exams - 27th June

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - 3pm 22nd September (rehearsal from 9am)


When they said Zumba was “like a party” we were sceptical.... boy were we wrong! We’ve never seen people have so much fun while working out!

This year we've added a Zumba class at 6:30 - 7:30 on Mondays and it's proving to be a hit with senior students and parents.

Our Zumba class is packed with interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavour, some catchy tunes and a lot of fun and you've got Zumba! No experience required - just come along and see what it's all about!


Ballet, Drama, DanceStep Year 5 CAS student for 3 years

Three words to describe the class/es you're taking? Humorous (Drama), Educational (DanceStep), Inspiring (Ballet) What challenges or events are you looking forward to this year? My biggest challenge will be my ballet exams and I am really looking forward to the concert! Who or what inspires you? Miss Kim inspires me because of her ideas, her technique and her choreography. What makes CAS special? They're not so strict and comanding like my old studio and everyone shares ideas.

Acro, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz Year 9 CAS student for 3 1/2 years

Three words to describe the class/es you're taking? Painful, fun, challenging What challenges or events are you looking forward to this year? Definitely doing pointe. Who or what inspires you? Pinterest, pretty ballet photos. What makes CAS special? Relaxed but still challenging. Good learning environment.

Drama, Ballet Year 4 CAS student for 3 years

Three words to describe the class/es you're taking? Enjoyable, fun, creative. What challenges or events are you looking forward to this year? I’m really looking forward to the concert- “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. My biggest challenge is learning how to do a quadruple pirouette and perfecting the ballet syllabus for the ballet exam. Who or what inspires you? Ako Kondo from The Australian Ballet What makes CAS special? Everyone is friendly, the teachers are kind, we learn something new each week and it’s a great place to be!


We are just bursting with pride that our very own Alex from Snr Drama recently did his first acting audition... and he got the gig! Alex was part of Convict Escapades, an immersive theatre experience at Hyde Park Barracks Museum during the April school holidays.

Convict Escapades was an amazing production, the perfect introduction to immersive theatre for young people and loads of fun to be a part of. From the gates of the barracks where the characters mingled amongst us, to the assigning of convict uniforms and convict slang names to all the kids involved, to the pre rehearsed live theatre scenes, to the improvised interactions between characters and attendees - the cast cleverly took us on a convict journey, trying to earn our ticket of leave to freedom. Alex was a superb Court Judge - stern and authoritative but with a soft side shown out of the courtroom. He and the rest of the cast demonstrated amazing acting skills for such young people - mastering English and Scottish accents, learning fluent convict slang, understanding of the society and culture of the time, memorized slabs of script, free form performance and professionalism throughout. I am so proud of Alex for taking on this role and challenge, for performing to over 200 people a day for a week straight, for building performance confidence and skill, and for sharing his passion for acting with hundreds of children who participated in the Escapades.


This year we expanded our holiday creative workshops to run over two days for the first time, and both days were sold out! Our Creative Workshops aim to create a space where kids can be themselves, discover new things, nurture their creativity and make new friends. We were thrilled to welcome attendees from both the CAS family and the community, with lots of new faces coming through the studio. The two days covered a diverse range of skills including: different styles of dance, drama activities, theatresports, acro, cheer, tricks, slacklining, circus skills and everyone's favourite - slime making! Our creative workshops are back in September - keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale!

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