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Unleash your creativity in 2017

Our 2017 timetable is here!

Next year we will continue to provide all the wonderful classes we have had this year, plus we are adding some new options to our program: Hip hop - we are thrilled to offer hip hop classes at CAS in 2017. Open to all ages and skill level. A great way to have some fun, get fit and strong, and explore a different style of dance. Jnr Contemporary - our contemporary taster class this term has been so popular that we are adding a Jnr Contemporary class to our permanent timetable. A beautifully expressive style of dance - open to students age 5-12 years. Extra drama classes - we have stacked the timetable with drama classes so there should be a class that suits every budding actor amongst us! Drama is a great way to build confidence, explore creativity and develop speaking skills. Jnr ballet and contemporary mix class - for those who want to try these two styles but can't commit to two separate classes, we have created a fusion class. Creative Kids and Creative Kids Minis - our pre school dance program is expanding, with a new Minis class launching for 2-3 yr olds alongside our 3-5 yr olds classes. We are also excited to offer CK and CKM during the daytime on Fridays in 2017. Please share with your play group, mothers group or preschool/childcare - all little people welcome! We have timetabled several classes on multiple days/time to try to find the best fit for all our families. Come mid January, we will cut classes that do not reach minimum numbers, therefore all enrolment forms need to be returned by 15th January. Don't miss out on your preferred classes - get those forms back ASAP! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email

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